Must We Die?

I shook off my rust
as the world turned to dust,
upon the ground flooding life’s
journey to the water’s edge
where they drowned in silence.

All was lost never to be found,
our tongues parched
and our souls starving
from the lack of faith.

Feel pity for no fool,
for we know we are that fool.

We know what we lack,
never picking up the slack,
our prayers lack morale
none are worthy;
yet upon whispers of the dying
life crawls to our feet crying.

Sorrow devoured,
let all go sour,
with vengeance and bruting,
this love turned greedy.

Upon my ashes life layed a prayer
a blessing.
Yet it did not take my suffering,
instead it bared down upon me
with full force and it bit me.

With no regrets I transformed
into stone,
my life lay out before me,
my journey was it a waste of time?

For all must die for others to live.


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