Keep doing what your soul thrives on,
allow it to grow and to surpass
beyond the borders of your poetic mind.

Let ink pour from your vessel,
allow it to overflow into the cup of life
onto its parchment of creativity.

Let others partake of your poetic nectar,
allow them to pollinate your bloom,
and to taste its poetic goodness.

We are more than just people writing,
we are more than just words on paper,
we are more than just our inky thoughts,
We are poetic lover’s lost in deep thought,
scholars, artists, innovators,
and creators of ink smeared parchments.

From a poet to a poet,
do what your soul thrives on;
don’t allow it to bleed without paper
to catch your ink. 

© By Amanda D Shelton


2 thoughts on “From A Poet To A Poet

  1. I love this one. It is very wise advise to others, and quite encouraging. “Don’t allow it to bleed without paper to catch your ink.” It is pure magic.

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