Have you ever had an endless flow
of idea’s?

My mind thinks as such,
never do I get stuck
with nothing to write.

I can always imagine
being something or someone else.

This mind of mine is written
by a poet’s design.

Each time I create,
I am bringing my thoughts
out as a physical thing.

I try to give my reader’s
what we all went,
we want experiences,
touch, emotions,
and thoughts.

To obtain the obtainable
and train the untrainable.

Like dragon’s we become folklore,
engraved on the mind’s of all whom read,
we are put down in history
as written word’s become our footprints.

I am a poet by design,
created to bring to your mind
a beautiful, amazing, and creativeness
you seek from your beginnings.

I never grew up thinking
I am stuck inside,
I always thought
outside the box of normal design.


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