My Dream I Fought To Wake From

             I woke within a dream, war was all around me. I tried shaking it off but sleep wouldn’t let me. I had to fight until it was time to wake.

             I ran up to an empty house, I couldn’t find anyone inside. I decided to stay. Soon I heard people outside, yelling and crying. I went to the window to look, there were mechanical creatures attacking people. People fell down died one by one. I realized I wake up in the middle of an alien war fought by alien machines. I thought  “don’t freak I always wake up before anything happens.”        I went through the back door and into the garage where I found tools. I gathered as many as I can carry. I opened the garage door and ran out to the back gate of the house that lead to the backyard. I ducked under a large bush as a machine came by. My heart was pounding. I held my breath. The machine made a grunting sound and a vibration came from it’s underbelly. I closed my eye’s and silence came over me, as the machine left I took a quick look at it from behind.

               I thought I was going to wake soon but with no luck. An hour passed. I decided to move, plus it was getting boring waiting for myself to wake up. I started to go in the opposite direction than the machines. Thinking it would be safer. I hit the streets of a small city, I wasn’t sure if anyone was left so I headed toward the building’s where business were. I saw a convenience store, the front wall was torn out and food were scattered about. I grabbed some, as I bent on one knee a man came out of the rubble waving to me as if beckoning me to come here. I started to walk over to him but I heard a grunting sound behind my head. I didn’t take the time to look, I ran towards the man. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. He pulled out a weird gun, I can hear the vibration of its mechanical trigger. The machine acted startled and then turned away to find something else. I thanked the man for saving my life.

                We slept there for the evening in sleeping bags. In the morning we started to walk. We ended up at a large home or Villa like place. Other’s are there too. It was nice to see people and survivors. The house was big enough to fit everyone. I decided to explore the house. I saw a big ballroom, with chandeliers and tall drapery hanged from the windows. I paused for a moment to listen. I swear I hear people screaming. I went back and found that the machines have found us. I took out the tool’s I found earlier and I gathered other materials for building a weapon. I took the ropes to the drapery  and the chandelier handles. I bent the handles and tied the drapery rope make a bow. I then ran out of the ballroom, I got close to one of the machines and plucked the string of the bow. It vibrated making the machine go haywire, it retreated.  I then woke up, thank God too because I felt like I never was going get out of there.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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