Life To Live

I know suffering,
I know pains of living,
but I also know what I’ve gained.

Life is not easy,
life is not simple,
life is greedy,
life is meant to be lived.

Weathering I am,
but with age comes wisdom.

Beaten I am not,
nor weaker than my plan’s
nor am I darkened, beat down,
or broken.

Life is a gift,
A blessing from our creator.

Will you live well
or will you live with regrets
that keep you weakened?

I choose to live well,
even if I am broken,
for what makes life so awesome
is our ability to heal from damage’s
that might seem unfixable.

Life is a token,
a charm of great value,
and if you respect life
it will return the favor ten fold,
and it can go up in value.


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