Life Is Completed

Life is complected,
I still don’t understand everything, 
I still have issues. 

Life is a pain,
a struggle,
a fight.

Even though you push with all your might,
Life pulls you back
into the light. 

Your breath becomes heavy,
the labor becomes weathering,
Your life gets rooted
as your flower begins to wither.

Your pot has cracked its paint chipped and rusted.

Time has left you crusted,
and moving like molasses. 
Life is crubling,
rumbling under my feet. 

I brace for impact
yet still I loss my ground.
I fall faster each time
I take the plunge. 

It seems it doesn’t matter
if I prepare for the fight
or not,
life still steps on my feet.

Life is completed, 
Life is deep,
Life is windy,
Life is steep.


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