The Forst

Before I was born I must have been a wildchild
from the back woods of heaven’s forest.

For my journey has taken me to many different places.
To Arazona, Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi,
but never in my life
did I ever go to a place
as beautiful as the forest.

At dawn I took a walk in the clouds,
layed down to listen to the earth.
In my silence a dear
came up to sniff me,
he sniffed my whole body
up and down,
before slowly walking away. 

I learned if I was quite enough,
all the life in the forst
would come alive for me.

I watched as a butterfly landed on my hand,
what he thought of me
I would never understand.

I also heard coyotes singing,
and owls hooting,
the tree’s talked too
in their breathy voices
that trailed behind the winds,
that also carried their seeds.

The grasses began to move,
as squarles gathered their nuts,
I wasn’t on the guest list
so they payed no mind to me.
Aw what a beautiful sight to see, the forst would have developed all of me
and I wouldn’t have minded,
not at all for you see,
I belong amongst those tree’s.

The forst runs through my veins and my main arteries.

I left a piece of my soul up in those tree’s.

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