I’ve Got One Spoiled Kittycat

I think my cat is spoiled.
I know you think me funny
that I’m speaking
about my spoiled kittycat,
but I’m sure some of you
are cat lover’s too.

My cat she shows many different signs
of her rotten preposition and her queen like position.

Now let me tell you this,
she really gets pissed
if I brush her fur.

She also pees on the bathroom floor rug,
if her pottybox isn’t up to par.

Oh yeah, how’s it looking so far? I’ve got one spoiled kittycat. 

She never purs for the neighbors cat,
oh no she’ll have none of that.
Instead she greets them
with a hiss and a scratch.

She shreds my couch,
with no remorse.

She sleeps in the closet,
and on my cloths on the bed
leaving hair all over my bed.

She begs to go outside 
but instead she goes straight for the hug chewing and crunching
as fast as she can,

then hours later throws it up on my carpet.

This cat of mine she’s spoiled rotten but she’s all mine. 😜

She’s a queen I knew that over time.
She has her own bed,
food and toilet too,
she never goes without being fed.
Her crown she wears proudly
on top her pretty spoiled
kittycat head.

I’ve got one spoiled kittycat
sleeping in my bed,
eating my chicken
and licking my butter
before it hits the bread.

My cat is a spoiled brat,
even pettiful at times
pretending to be sweet.

My furbaby She can be sweet
but still she’s very selfish

if she doesn’t get her treats.

Oh My she’s got me tied to her middle claw.
Yes my cat is one spoiled kittycat. She never needs to lift a paw.

My baby boo she’s one spoiled kittycat.


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