My mind is open to all possibilities,
to us being star dust,
and someday my brain will
use its full capabilities.

Between the teeth of Angels
is where I sit,
my mind always afloat
but never drifting too far from reality,
the voice inside my head
tells me I can do this.

My poetry shows what I’ve dared
to sit wetness too
and to write down bluntly what
I have always thought.

Yet nothing has changed
because I’ve always been
an open book,
my story has always been on display, my life is bountiful
yet a weathering adventure,
its page’s never bear nor lonely;
for my ink keeps great company.


2 thoughts on “Between The Teeth Of Angels

  1. I am so glad I came upon this. I love your writing style. Your poem drips with the heartache and love a mother shares with her children. I miss those days. Every poem is a child and every child is a poem waiting to be set free. Thank you so much for writing this and putting it out there for all of us.

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    1. Oh thank you. Yes I agree. Poetry is very personal on a deeper level than writing a novel or story. It can be both horrific and beautiful. I do care for each poem as if it was my baby because in a way I do give birth to it and nurture it as my own.

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