We Are What We Think Up

I use to think that
I was a very small point in existence,
that I was too small
to mean anything to life.

Yet one day my life changed,
I realised that I am not small at all. That I was connected
to everything by DNA
and my reality.

I no longer felt small or insignificant
to life,
for I was part of it,
I belong to something much bigger
than I ever could imagine.

Once life choose to think,
that’s when life began to grow
beyond its normal boundaries,
it became larger and wiser.

It learned to play,
create and how to be unique
and brilliant.
It learned how to procreate,
breathe, and expand.

We are made from life’s plan,
it is our existence and purpose.
Our thoughts are not unworthy
of its plain nor is it unworthy
of our brain’s.
For we are just that,
we are thought.

Just ponder on that.

You are larger than a Nat,
You are bigger than a super Nova,
You are connected to all thing’s
through DNA and reality.

Just ponder on that.

We are what we think up.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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