Jack The Ripper

It was a murder most fowl
bloody intrigue and a mystery
worthy of attention.

Soon as the murderous fiends
plans were spoiled he went missing,
like a shadow he disappeared
into the dark.

The newspapers started telling
of shadow’s that breathe down
your neck and whispering wind. 
Nothing was seen of this fiend,
but a dark haired beast cutting throats
and his monstrous growl.

This creature of the night loved
playing cops and robbers.
Each chase brought more mystery.

Soon all died down,
quite came over the town.
Yet not long did it take for the murderous fiend to get board
and strike again.
This time he got greedy,
a girl half dressed was found
in front of the caller of an estate,
with her throat cut.

It was very much like the game of clue.

Who did it, in what room, with what weapon? Shshsh! It was the Butler
in the cellar with the kitchen knife.

Soon the whisper of the truth came
into the light. No one knew who killed
the girl with the knife.

Jack be nibble, Jack be quick,
Jack jumped over the body oh so quick.
Jack the riper yew what manner of a beast he be?
Poor poor souls,
wasn’t their time yet nature had other plans so did he.

The idea for this poem came to me after I watched a show about British crimes . I thought why not write my thoughts down about Jack The Ripper case. I wrote it in a less gory way than I have seen on TV. I’m not too much of a gore and horror type so less blood and guts the better.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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