Dreams Slip

Slowly, and silently,
weightless, and light headed
I slipped into a dream.

I landed in the lap of
a giant rabbit, sitting
on the banks of a stream.

He didn’t see the tiny person that was me, who landed in his furry lap.

He was chatting with a pocketwatch drinking energy drinks and eating cookies with some ice cream.
They talked about the day
and about how the pocketwatch was never late.

The rabbit laughed
and asked the pocketwatch. 

What if your clock was sit an hour late, Would you then be late?

The pocketwatch answered.

No not really instead I would be right on time.
For you see it doesn’t matter what time it is, it matters if you get there at all. The Rabbit agreed.

Slowly I wake and my dream slipped away.

Don’t you hate it when dreams slip?


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