Now you know why no one has seen a unicorn. Boop!

Yep weeee!
Never pee in the pool it turns blue. Shshsh it’s not true it turns green. Why hmmm? because it’s my favorite color and I added it to the water.

Hahaha! how long can you laugh before your ribcage begins to hurt?

Sheep are wearing their own skin. Does that make them shady? Shsh I see the wolf.
Boo hoo said the sheep before he went messing. News report said, “wolf in sheep’s skin fooled the sheep again by disguising himself as one. Now to question the sheep.” Yah because they have such worthy testimony. *Wink ,wink*

Oh no! Yah I went there but the door was closed so I knocked.

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Me who?
Me don’t know maybe they ran. A shadow pased by laughing. Hehe

Slink slink… Its a joke.