I’m No Poster Girl

I am me never will I be your dirty pretty poster girl.

Picture perfect that’s not me,
never will I ever be just a dirty pretty poster girl
feeding your fantecy.

I am nothing but me,
never will I stup so low
to pose for your picture
perfect fanticy.

My frame is broke
and my face has a missing stroke. Just watch me
I’ll show you reality.

I am a real girl.
I have fat,
I have big Brown eye’s,
and my thighs are normal sized, nothing I show is airbrushed
or covered up,
no Photoshop enhancements can make me anymore beautiful than I already am.

So just know,
I’m not your dirt pretty poster girl posing in some magizen. 
I’m the real deal baby.

So open your eye’s
and stop believing media lies.
There are some pretty girl’s
with big brown eye’s
living in reality,
you just need to get your nose out of the
ink smeared magizens,
to see for yourself.


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