Stress is good for you.

Your more likely thinking that I am wrong but sorry your wrong. Your belief that stress can kill you is why it can kill you. All the reactions your body gives while under stress is a way your body deals with stress. Your mind is a very powerful tool, it is easily confused and influenced. If someone tells you grass can cause allergic reactions and you believe it, your body will start to actually have a reaction as if you were allergic to grass. Stress is no different.

The way you think about stress can either kill or save your life. Which would you want. Early death or longer life? Stop allowing your mind to slowly kill you and allow yourself to feel stress. Don’t think “oh my stress is so very bad for me.” Instead start thinking, “well I know I can get through this because my body is telling me its ready to so here I go.”

Good luck and remember this.

“What tears you down can only make you stronger but only if you believe it will. “

© By Amanda D Shelton