Her Frankenstein Heart

Stitched up at the seems,
beating beautiful beast
has a Frankenstein heart.

She breathes old air from
lunges that failed its last occupant. 
Yet she was different
for her soul was fastened
to her mind, 
eternally divided between
living tissue and death.

She lived with a Frankenstein heart, stitched together
with lover’s who left .

Oh poor poor thing,
never had a chance to
live nor love as she pleased.
Poor stitched up queen
her heart had nothing to
cling, each rusted beat
of her Frankenstein heart
fell, fell apart at the seems.

Hey you Dr. Frankenstein,
you forgot to give your queen a working heart.

Instead with each beat
the stitches stretch almost popping out of its chest. 

Poor poor Frankenstein heart,
the lady never had a chance at love and its dance. 


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