Mandy’s Lessons Of Patients

“Life is always worth the wait,
so be patient and life
will seem more like a river
flowing in your direction
then a wave crashing into you.”


“A surf never waits for the suffer,
the suffer always waits for the surf.”


“Patients is good but rushing forward
is not because you might
hit a wall and then where will you be?  Let’s see, pain! OUCH!
Life hurts sometimes doesn’t it?”

Mandy’s my nickname and patients is my gain. I have been through a lot in my 34 year’s of life. My disability has taught me patients. I have no choice but to sit everyday because I suffer from a movement disorder and chronic pain. I found out about two year’s ago that I am allergic too almost everything. Makes sense because all my life I have been sick. I have all people knows how to be patient.

I wish you a blessed day full of sunshine and beautiful blue sky’s. Love one another without selfish reasons. 🙂

© By Amanda D Shelton


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