Mister Toad

Woo woo woo mister toad,
woo woo mister toad.
I heard you had your car toad, now your waiting on the bus
to take you home.

Woo woo woo mister toad
don’t feel all alone
there’s aplenty a toad hopping
on these roads.

Woo woo woo mister toad
I heard you lost your lillypad
to mister gaders jaws,
mister gader had other plans
for your lillypad.

Woo woo woo mister toad
I’ve got a lillypad we can share
come set with me
under the star’s,
we can count the lilly’s as
they open for the nigh air.

My mister toad turned into a Prince,
as I leaned in for the kiss.


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