Crochet And My Project (hat with flowers)

Hello Bat Brats,

I can’t afford my hobby for polymer clay at this moment but crochet is less money and I don’t need materials because I already have them. Hey I bet you didn’t know I crochet, I started around the age of 8. I use to got to stay with a neighber after school her name was Harriet Joly she was a 70 year old lady who I loved dearly. She was more my best friend than a neighber really. I would watch her crochet for hour’s. One day I asked her if I could try crocheting something. She gave me my first needle and a spun of yarn, I showed her what I learned by watching her. She was very amazed that she didn’t have to show me how to crochet. That day I made a small blanket. From than on I was obsessed with crocheting, the repeative motion that comes along with patterns and holding the needle. I guess sometimes having high functioning autism pays off in some ways it does others not so much. I still love crochet I quite for a few year’s because my obsession was taking over my life. Now I’m trying it again. Hopefully because I am older and I cope better than I use to I will have more control over my brain. I think it’s going well so far. I don’t loss sleep because I think about crochet, so that’s a very good sign. If I start lossing sleep over it then I will take a break. Plus I went to therapy all through my younger year’s so I can learn how to cope with a lot of my issues.

My crochet project is a hat pattern with flowers on the side. I had a lot of yarn leftover from my day’s of crochet madness. LOL I’m thinking about making it a lefthander hat because my stupid brain trys to confuse me on what hand I should use when crocheting, so I’ve been switch back and forth between My left and right hand. I will place the flowers on the left side of my hat. Oh and yes I am amadixeris or if the doctor is right I have nohandedness, meaning I don’t have a dominated hand that I perfer using. That’s why it’s confusing for me to understand left and right or which hand I should use. I hold a cup in my left hand, yet I poor My coffee with my right hand. Whatever I’m rambling. 😀
I will post pictures of my finished project soon. I’m almost finished so it won’t be long.

Sending HUGS❤ to all my reader’s and followers. 🐸 here’s a frog to remind you to leap if life trys pulling you down. Leap for your life like a toad from the bushes. I love froggys and toads there awesome creatures. 

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