When Do You Know You’ve Been Online Too Long? Hmmm? Let’s See

I am sick and tired of hearing about conspiracy theories on the internet and TV. It’s an apadimic and full of dillutional thinking.  I am very awar how science and biology work’s. I also understand mathematics. I know how human nature works too. Human behavior is not just intellect it’s also instinct and animal behavior because we are mammals. We human beings want answers, even if its not the true answer. We will find away to make It true for ourselves just to make ourselves feel more secure in our lives.

I am not one to believe everything I hear or see. I need hard facts that can be proven with more than some stranger on a YouTube video telling me their dillutions with beautiful music playing in the background. Or some flashy virus infected website with spotlight posts talking about buying a book or audio with nothing but scratchy noises recorded for your mind binding experience. That’s called phsyisophrinia my friend’s. I know very well the symptoms because I have friends and family members who suffer from it I also had issue’s with dillutions as a kid, all the way into my early 20’s. Thank God those day’s are over because I was afraid of everything.

I have one piece of advise for you. Don’t believe the internet because not all human beings care about your well being. The internet was built by human beings it’s also edited by nonprofitionals who know Jack crap what their talking or posting about.


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