Mind Developer’s Are Blogger’s To

My deep mind is cluttered with unspoken thought’s, begging to be free. 

These page’s beckon back at me,
with its potential for holding
my heaviest thoughts
without over flowing
with unwanted dust.

My thoughts started turning yellow
awhile back,
when my ink was freshly pressed
onto my WordPress,
Where my first post has sat
using up space.

Like a lighthouse,
the bright spotlight
leads me here every time
I have a need to bleed my ink
and smear my fingerprints all over
its contents.

What a wonderful place it is,
full of innovators, creator’s,
and mind developers.

Each post reflecting the world’s diversity
in unique and on going ways.

This platform for bloggers is where creative mind growers unite,
where word’s are pressed deeply
becoming more powerful and effective
the more posts are shared
by the blogger’s from WordPress.

I am proud to be one of the mind developer’s of WordPress,
the posters and mover’s of media,
That’s what it means to be a blogger.

We are the poster children
of media’s changing view’s,
sharing opinions expressed interests
in different areas and
in unlikely ways that have become commonly used by so many other’s.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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