Idea For A Children’s Book

A wink a dink I do, I love you.
Boop boop I do, yes I love you.

A hug and a kiss goes a long long ways, even longer when its from the heart.

A wink a dink I do, I love you.
A snugly bug in a rug
and a warm bear hug.

Boop boop I do, I love you.

One of my goals is to write a children’s book. Teaching love, sharing, and other important lessons children could use. When I was a kid I loved rhymes and fairy tales too. I have decided to combine the two to create a unique reading experience for children. Also I will use some of my artwork. Like the one I made for The Lonely Mushroom And The Tree. I am also making trinkets that will go with the story’s, make them come alive by interacting with the reader’s imagination. I am not done building a website for selling my work, it will be coming soon. If any of my reader’s have idea’s that I might use, please feel free to leave a comment. Just remember its a children’s book, no using mean remarks or anything offensive. I want to teach children respect, kindness generosity, and things that will help their minds to grow.

P.S. Please don’t worry about spelling I will not share the book without proof reading it more than once. I promise.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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