Helping The Dead To Move On

I have sat with death,
held its hand,
whispered my goodbye’s many times.

It seams death likes my company,
Yet death likes to take
and never cares to give back.

In spite of all my services I have provided to deaths strife,
death never thanked me for doing
a good job.

I was the ear lent to listen to the last well in testament,
the last breath spoken before death stool the last beat their heart took.

I was the reason death had to wait,
my goodbyes meant more than deaths

Death likes my company because I make him wait.

I counselor the dead I give them something to think about,
something to make them move on to their new life.

I hope there is a heavenly place
where we go after we’re dead,
because that would mean
my services were meet
with satisfactory.


I hate goodbyes and I’ve had to say goodbye too many times. I miss everyone who I loved that passed away recently. I hope to see them again someday. But for now I will live as happy and long as I can.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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