I am a dancer life is my partner,
we tango with each other.

Sometimes we are fluent,
and smooth,
sometimes we are fleeting,
and formless
but always we are together,
living, laughing,
crying, dancing, and creating.

Living is the style and form I choose.

Art is painting, drawing, creating,
life is the canvas,
watch as I create a great art form
using my experiences and knowledge,
every stroke and movement
creates a new line and color.

Life is a dance of brush strokes
and spelt paint,
if you choose to let go of its hand
you will loss your steps and form,
the style becomes
unstable and formless,
it becomes harder to keep in step
with life’s journey and path.

Keeping balance and learning which
style and form suites you the best,
is very important to your survival.

Take it slow and easy,
give patience and understanding,
so you can support your dance partner
with ease and gracefulness.

© By Amanda D Shelton