Ranting Rambling Fizzy Post Wahwawa!

I am sick and tried of hearing people bullshitting and complaining about how people in need are stealing from their pay check. How are we stealing anything when the government gives it to us. Then the same people complain about the poor not having enough food and shelter. Makes no sense to me. When the poor are needy people too. I bet you wouldn’t be complaining if you had to get on disability or you lost everything. Also not all so called needy people choose to get sick or poor. If I could I would work, I also am very glad that their is a such thing as disability and subsidised living. I am very grateful. People need to understand that life isn’t easy for anyone. At least you can work and you don’t have chronic pain or illness. Why can’t people be more grateful for what they do have. Stop blaming the sick for their issues and start blaming the government for making bad choice’s with your money.

Don’t blame anyone but the source. You want the truth about our government? Well, their rich power hungry devil’s, they don’t care about us. All they care about is their money. Don’t trust the man with the big gut or his fake toothed smile or the one who holds your money for ransom. Trust your gut and what you see for yourself. Nothing the government does help’s the little people. Instead those who have enough money can pay their way through to the top. While those of us who don’t have enough gets squashed by the rich man’s inflated ego. I feel sorry for those who think money can make you happy. All it really does is make you want more, then you find you can’t get enough. Its a disease called greed. Greed is a epidemic virus that causes war, death, and famine.

That’s my rant for the day.
Moving on…

© By Amanda D Shelton


12 thoughts on “Ranting Rambling Fizzy Post Wahwawa!

  1. Well, I’m with you on this one. My poem, ‘Come Boss’ is about this very thing. Medicaid doctors often treat people like they are less than people. People on disability are often scorned a freeloaders by people who are just truly ignorant and self centered to anyone else’s life. Truth is, not everyone who is homeless can get into a shelter if they have a mental illness untreated, and how are they going to be treated if they are poor and homeless? I wouldn’t waste time with the stupidity of others. When I hear something coming from ignorant people like that I just look at them and say in my head, ‘You have a right to be stupid.’ I disagree with the assumption that nothing the government does helps people. It may not be perfect, but I am thankful there is Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, Fema, etc.

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    1. I can’t get medicaid because I never worked but I experience the same treatment with medical. I was denied pain management 11 times before medical approved it. Also they adumadicly think your a drug addict when you start talking about being in pain. Which I know I’m not because I don’t even take the three pain killers a day that the doctor wants me to take. I cut one pill in half sometimes two. I never end up taking a third. Now I found out about four month’s ago that my DBS battery has been died. It all made sense why I wasn’t feeling well. Yet medical don’t give a hoot about the quality of life I have. I have to fight with ignorant doctors before seeing one that treats me like a human being or with sympathy. If I was a doctor I would work with medical because I would treat my patients with the respect I never got from other medical doctors. I would make sure to know my patients before I see them by reading their chart and listening to them. About the government thing, when I wrote that I was thinking about the people who are running for office. It seems to me its become a joke. How the hell is Donald Trump president material he knows jack crap about running anything that involves human beings? He’s a woman nizer, and a raisest jerk. His hair isn’t even on straight. I’m afraid he will take our country and make war and other problems worse. Some goes for all the others running for office. Though I can only imagine how hard it would be to be president. I think it’s one of the hardest job there is and stressful. Plus it’s just my opinion. Thank you for sharing with me. Its always welcome to hear someone else’s opinion. I learn more when people share their views. 😊 I hope you have a great day.

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      1. Trump is a joke but certain people keep laughing. I don’t get it either. But I am also not worried in the least that he will become president. In fact I know he will not become president. This is all just good stuff for a democratic win. 🙂

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        1. I am not sure who will win but I wish them luck. I just wish people would stop blaming everything on the president because they have to follow laws too. The president is part of a brach that’s connected to other bigger branches. He doesn’t make all the dicitions nor does he work alone. People need to stop being ignorant and stop pointing paranoid fingers. The social media doesn’t help either. LOL You know about three year’s ago I didn’t care about this stuff but it started to effect me because of the issues my mom was having with her cancer. She passed away last year four days before her birthday. If she had enough money she would have been able to pay for treatment that might have saved her life. One that works. Thanks to obamacare she couldn’t afford better care. I wish our government made better choices with our money. Oh well at least I am happy with what Ive got. 😀 I can’t really complain about the people in my life who help me every day. Their a blessing.

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            1. Oh thank you and my sympathies go out to you too. I got to say goodbye to her. I got mad at her for waiting for me but I know now that she wanted to say goodbye so I am grateful she waited. She use to tell me that I had a gift from God. I am closer to the spiritual side of life. I always went to her when something wasn’t right she didn’t know that I am very much aware of things around me not until she got sick. I started sharing with her my knowledge. I don’t know exactly why I feel and sense certain things. I do know this though. We human’s are blind to certain things because we only use very little of our brain power and we are very selfish creatures because of our lack of ability to use the full power of our brain’s. I am very open minded and I think that makes me more sensitive than most people. Mom told me it’s because I’m very smart and to be smart you have to be aware and understand. We use to sit up until 1:00 in the morning talking about life and philosophy. I was seven year’s old when I started coming to her with questions and theories about science and the mind. I think I scard a few people back then with some of my theories. I thought every kid was like me. I reliesed I was very different from other kids when I turned ten. You can only imagine how much anxiety that caused me. I wouldn’t change a thing though because I wouldn’t have become the person I am today if I did. I am grateful she was my mom and I will always remember her and love that she allowed me to choose who I wanted to be.

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                1. Mom’s are the true superwomen of this world. Indeed who needs movies when the real super hero’s are everywhere around you? They heel with one kiss. They comfort with one touch of their hand. Their teacher’s, nurse’s, and best friend. Mom’s are so many wonderful things wrapped up in one supermom package. 🙂

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