Today Was Hard But I Made It

Today I suffered through pain, headaches, twitching, and weakness in the left side of my body. Now I am getting ready for bed, my head still hurts, my back aches, and my toes are numb with pen’s and needles. My hand’s are trying to go to sleep on me while I write this.

This is driving me nuts, I wish medical would do their job faster. All I am waiting for is a replacement battery for my (DBS) Deep Brain Stimulator. The Dystonia is making my life harder and painfully difficult. It took me two year’s to find out about the surgery, and I am not going to let this push me down where I can’t get back up again. I can’t because I don’t know how to give up.

My spirit is a fighter, I take each punch with a return punch.  Take that life, POW! And life is down with the punch’s here comes Mandy to the left. Wow! she’s tough. There’s another punch, and life got a black eye this time. Mandy’s still moving around and life seems to be getting dizzy. Take that life.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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