Get Right With The World

Stop liven life as if you can’t fell your own shoes,
because you can’t if you don’t
leave your baggage at the door.

Don’t leave when things get tough,
for life will get tougher
and there will be no light
at the end of the tunal.

live like your dying,
love like you want to be loved,
treat other’s the way
you would treat yourself,
respect the responsibility
as if you care about
every last moment.

Get right with the world,
tilt when it tells you,
move when it pulls you,
grow when it hydrates you,
be sure to live like you wanted to.

You will succeed if
you truly wanted to,
don’t let life leave you in the gutter,
get right with the world around you,
don’t keep what you left behind,
life doesn’t give you that much time.

So live life to the fullest,
fell your cup until its over flowen,
love as if you never loved before ,
cherish every moment
like its your last breath,
and hold on to it
as long as you can.

Live every moment like its your last.


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