Love Machine

The machines grind to a halt
before falling apart.

This mechanical heart beat’s
to a second gear,
rusted busting oil from the seems.

Grinding deeper making a mark,
love machine falling at your feet.

Head over heals these gears
are grinding on the wheel.

Twisted metal heads
banged to the sound,
like hammer’s drumming
to a rock and roll sound.

Baby grind up on me ,
with your winding string’s
of mechanical lovely things. 

Lovely android with
beautiful cold lips
he brings oily dreams,
grinding my passions too the levy.

Bent broken and worked too the wire.
Exposed his motherboard
to the web of deceiver’s
and connected servers.

Angelic mechanism’s silenced
there screams,
with their mechanical failures
and programmer’s code’s
and data streams.

The machines grind up on me,
I become deleted documents of
unread messages.
My mechanical heart broke,
nuts and bolts stripped
from my ice cold metal
as I was melted down into
liquid metal,
a shinny beauty with silver linings.
I became a love machine.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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