The Poet

Why does the poet write?
He or she is an innovator of creativity, that’s why.

We poet’s love to write and share,
we are the inspirations and the aspirations of great mind’s.

To write is to think deep,
its personal yet open,
We poet’s can’t be shy
for us the sky has no limit
nor does life have
just one destination. 

There are endless possibilities
when a poet writes.
Creativity becomes reality
through fantasy and word play.

We poet’s write
because its our birth right
and a passionate gift.

In my mind, God is a poet,
that’s why poetry is beautiful
and sometimes mind bendingly
wonderful and it can mimic life
from the beginning too the end.

Poetry once was a seed,
it was planted, watered,
and allowed to grow
and to become something
more real and abstract,
it never died out
because as long as
there are creative mind’s
poetry will always live on through them.


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