The Lonely Mushroom and The Tree


Once there was a lonely mushroom growing on the ground. Poor mushroom was the only one around but soon there came a seed. The seed fell down from the sky. Mushroom didn’t know why this lonely seed came by. Year’s passed and the seed grew and grew until he was six feet high. Now the mushroom had to look up high just to see her seed. Now the seed was no longer a seed, he grew into a sycamore a beautiful tree. Yet this sycamore was very different from other’s of his kind. He had colors brighter than the sun in the sky. The mushroom liked her friendly tree , she thought “aw I wish I was as tall as you.” Tree bent his limp to pat his mushroom friend, he said: “don’t you worry my friend I like you because you are you.”

© By Amanda D Shelton


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