Game Of Life

They say life is a game
you step up to the plate,
sometimes you win
but sometimes you loss.

One swing, batter’s up,
Two swing’s, wow,
Three swing’s, your out.

The pitcher throw’s a fast ball,
you go for the run
the bases are loaded
the batters got the gun,
shouts it straight at your heart.

Hour’s of pitching and running
pitching and running
soon the batter is done.

Relationship’s are a lot like
playing baseball,
you can run,
but can you pitch?

Life gives you fast ball’s so many times
you lose count before you hit your thirties.

The signs that you have lived.
You carry around your bases like luggage,
you have grass stains on your knee’s,
you smell like dirt,
you call for timeout even for a bathroom break,
you know when the bases are loaded after the first swing.

You should
live to be free,
to be your own umpire,
to be king or queen
of your own little town.

Life’s the biggest and longest game around.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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