Dealing With Change And Other Issues

       I hate it when people share their opinion but interrupt or walk off  when I try sharing mine too. Why do some people do this? I have a friend who dose this every time I try sharing anything with them. It makes me think they find me annoying or they don’t care about my opinion.

        I like sharing opinions because I learn new things when sharing. I still try sharing with my friend because they are my friend and they have disabilities making it hard for them too communicate. Plus they have changed in other ways that would be difficult for anyone to change. Change takes time and patients.

        I suffered with my family’s addictions. I am very lucky to not have addictions like most of my family members do. I learned to be patient with the changes my family needed and went through. Living with a house hold of addicts was hard but me being who I am got me through it. I was a big help to them. Sometimes I got so fed up with their issues that I went on long walks until I was exhausted. I always returned in a positive mood so that I didn’t make things worse for them.

        I use to do meditions and yoga. I ended up starting my own yoga and meditation class with my mental health community. I still do meditations but as for yoga I had no choice to stop because of Dystonia and chronic pain, metal health still runs my class.  I am hoping I will be able to start yoga again after my surgery to replace the battery of my (DBS) deep brain stimulator. I have been waiting for five months to have medical approve for the surgery. Medical doesn’t give a flying monkey butt if someone is even dying they will find ways to not have to do their job. Hey I could take them to court and suie their ass for neglect and for my suffering. Yet I will give them a chance because I’m thinking that things will start happening for me if I am patient. My patients payed off before so I am not giving up yet.

“Patients is like a rock, it won’t move without your help and your time.”  By Amanda D Shelton


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