In my youth I thought someday
I would fly.

Spread my wings and leave this earth,
its emotional earthquakes,
and floods of pain.

I would fly,
higher and higher away from the fire.

Fly like a bird,
beyond the suffering of my soul.

Higher and higher
I would become my own empire,
a start of stability and strength.

I would fly,
no belief of falling could take me down,
no regrets could steal my time,
no lies could blind my will,
or take my dreams.

I would fly,
across ocean’s and shy
beyond the boundaries of this earth,
beyond the scope of the star’s,
beyond the milky way,
and farther than any plain.

I would fly,
like a shooting star that I am.

Yes that is why
I know today is never just today,
there is more to it than sun shine
or rain.
For today I learned I can fly.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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