It’s not easy for me to say,
these day’s are harder than they use to be because I’ve been fighting for so long, I forgot my yesterday’s.

Because I fight against the pains of living, today seams like a clouded dream.

I’m always floating above watching life below me, my feet hardly ever touch the earth, yet I still feel my connection to the ground below me.

To survive this life I have no choice but to kick and scream my way through.
Life won’t hear you if you’re silent and too busy living for yesterday’s action’s.

Today is the greatest adventure you will ever live, tomorrow might never come, and yesterday was but a few breaths away, you can’t go back there and what’s the use anyway?

Live for today, this moment now is what counts, don’t worry about tomorrow’s sunrise and yesterday’s pain. That will bring you nothing but wane.

© By Amanda D Shelton