Valentine’s Day & Poem

Valentines  day is going to be rearing its little head soon. I’m having relationship issues. Isn’t the ironic? Hahaha! Being me though I’m going to be positive and try my best to be hmmmm? Mandy. 😁  Plus that’s what I’m good at.

I’m thinking about a poem to write. One that is not about breakups or hearache. I need love, compation, and passion. Hmmmm? Love.

There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Love is too me
as the bird’s are to the bee’s.
I wish I could catch a man too help fell my empty nest.

Who doesn’t dream
of that one fish in the sea who’s just for yee?
A fish that will make you happy, feel loved,
and cherished by he.

How about a blowfish?
he can protect me,
or maybe a stingray?
he knows the way to my heart.
Oh wait no I’d go for the shark,
he sharly could take a bite out of my heart.
Hmmm? Maybe not
he’d more likely eat
what was leftover
of my heart.
A flowder now that’s a fish
for me.
He’d be there even after I depart,
he sharly would fight for my heart.

Maybe I need time too myself
before I go lurking about.
Plus I have the whole sea
to travel and explore,
there are still sights
I need to see.

You never know
the one fish that’s just for me, 
might be already inside
my heart.


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