The Shadow’s Have Secrets

One night in the depths of December,
all was silent but the rumble of the city below. A shadow sat on top a Gothic church, as if he belonged with the gargoyles that perched next to him. He glared down into the crowd’s that passed by the gates, watching the humans with their daylight habits. He pondered how they go about not knowing that death watch’s their every move from the shadow’s. Living like rats scarring about eating and getting fat.   “The humans have it easy”   he thought. 

Then a rush of people came dashing by, at least nineteen were all huddled together under a canopy of umbrellas, one woman stood out. With black silken hair trailing down her back, she wasn’t a human, with her dark crimson eye’s and pail white skin was almost translucent.   “Ah yes there she is my ravened haired beauty.”  The shadow’s moved with his leap, he landed in a smoky black coat that trailed behind his leg’s as he grounded his feet to the sidewalk becoming a solid form of a man. He grinned, his smile showed two sharp fangs. He’s a creature of the night, a vampire.   

Two nights passed sense he saw his ravened haired beauty. He’s been following her ever scenes she caught his eye while lurking around the churches gates. He felt drawn to her as if she loured him closer with her power’s. She stopped at a bar, Boozer’s Tavern. He went to follow her but as he swung open the door she say’s.   “Hello my shadow friend”.    She pushes him hard against the wall causing a loud thud.    ” Hey gorgeous how are you? ” he smiles at her like a Lion would.   “I’m good”   she then takes the time to meet his gaze giving a warning not to follow. In a gush of wind she was gone. 

© By Amanda D Shelton


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