To reach higher, taller, wider is always my gaol.

1 word is never enough,
I have a mouth full.

2 words are never enough,
I have two pockets that are full.

3 words will never do,
my mind thinks faster than theer’s will every do.

4 words now really,
let’s see 1,2,3,4
Now I’ll drop it too the floor.

5 words oh please,
just give me more than a
shiny nickle,
that can’t even buy my
a pickle.

6 words
wow so is that the best you can give me?

7 8 9,
while 10 picked up a dime,
11 she said
I’ll see you in 12 minutes,
or it’s a crime,
though 13 knew
he would do the time.

Who murdered 14?
15 had nothing to say.
16 you can lock her away
though the odds are none,
17 she’s a nune.
18 now that’s a guilty face
if you ask me.
19 oh she’s barley out of her teen’s.
20 got drunk met 21
got merried that summer
in Veva las Vargas baby.
22 now that’s a classy lady
though she’s guilt of over drawing the tables.

If you ask me there all guilty of giving 1 2 many 3s.