David Bowie dies at the age of 69


I am sad to hear this, David Bowie was one of my favorite singer’s. David Bowie has died, 18 months after being diagnosed with cancer.


Sometimes life gets heavy,
though sometimes
it’s not life that takes you down
in the end.

Death gives you no choice’s,
no longer is there a wait,
death isn’t patient
he doesn’t care if you finished
your plate.

Death never knows how to wait,
in the end we all take his hand.

Don’t leave with regrets,
don’t leave with worry on your mind,
for life doesn’t last forever,
it’s just a day and a night,
goes by faster than a flash of light.

Live to be happy and healthy,
for life is the first and last job
you’d ever have to fight to keep.

Live for today,
laugh on until the dawn,
until the last bit of light
blinks through your mind.
Your fire will live on,
through memory
and your loved ones hearts
and their minds.

Live until the glorious end…

© By Amanda D Shelton


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