Deep Love Was Truly Blind

You can only see what your eye’s
allow you to see,
even though your mind
is how you see.

Hearts beat to a drummers rhyme,
keeping love locked in his time.

Lover’s fight against the crimes of time,
locked forever in the passage of time.

Crumbling heart’s desire nothing
but their missing pieces.

Beating beautiful beast’s
with heart’s made from dust,
bursting from the creaks of time.

Love died just to live one more time.

I knew you would eventually hear my rhyme.

Though it was brought forth
from the depths of your mind. 

Deep love was truly blind.

Move on down….

Abstract poetry is nothing but
popped word’s that bled out onto my blog.

My mind was left bursting with ink,
I diluted each thought
with my deep palette
of many colorful word’s.

I am poetry, thought,
and deep, deep breaths of me.
It took my breath away
with an awww!bstract poetry…

© By Amanda D Shelton