Slowly snow covers me,
I turn to ash freeing me
from the freeze.

Love me before my ash’s leave,
before my heart freezes up.

Find me through darkness and the cold,
hold me there for eternity.

Free me from dust and ash,
free me from the deep freeze of reality.

Love is the cold, the chill that bites me,
a reminder of lost unspoken word’s.

A reminder of my loneliness,
my blinders are broken forever chipped,
by lover’s who slipped.

These lips that were never mine,
took the last kiss and breath
that was mine.

With the last beautiful word’s I spoke,
you found and took what was left
from the depths of my broken soul,
and there you left your poetry.

With each breath that I bare,
I regret no kiss nor embrace that I shared.

I did freely,
give all of me to your embrace,
and your kisses once freed my soul from the deep freeze of loneliness.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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