Pondering On Existence

I once stood still for one hour, 
only movement was my breathing 
and a few twitchs throw my body. 

I realized that no one noticed me that whole hour. 
That life has nothing to do with me. 
Life never notices me until I bumped into it.
It’s everything else that moves around us. 

We are but little tug boat’s 
tooting away on the sea of existence. 
The wave’s are what cary us. 

Invisible hand’s created all, 
the fiber’s of our experience 
is held together 
by an unknown force. 

We might meet our creator when we die, 
but heaven is everywhere around us. 

We feel it sometimes 
but we think maybe it was 
just a gush of wind 
or something more believable. 

Yet maybe it’s simpler than that, 
I don’t know. 
Because I am nothing more 
than a speck of star dust 
amongst something much larger 
than myself.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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