Cultivating Your Life

Each soul grows on its own garden patch,
We cultivate our experiences
with emotion’s and memories.

Our roots sustain us and ground us,
we drink from the fountain of life
savouring every drop.

Our soil dries up at times
yet other moments in our journey
there is rain to save us,
moistening and hydrating
the creaked soil beneath us. 

Life is like a good idea,
you never know when your
inspiration will peek
or when life peeks for you,
age makes no difference.

Keeping your life stable and secure
take’s work, even if your job
is fighting for your life.

Never give up and never give in.
Life is covered in sin yet its up to you
if you let the devil in.

© By Amanda D Shelton

3 thoughts on “Cultivating Your Life

  1. Amanda, thank you for sharing this poetic verse with all of us out here in the world. Life is a gift, sorry the season put me in the mood, but what you said about drink life and savoring it, well I wish more would do just that. May you drink deep and enjoy life this holiday season. Oh, and keep writing!

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    1. Thank you I have always had to fight for my stability in life, I been sick most of my life. I still have issues with sickness but I never knew how to give up. I guess my gift from God would be my ability to fight. I hope you have a blessed holiday season too.


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