Because of society and its need to label and segregate its people, I started to hate the word special. Why? Because it fits in with Special Needs Children.        
      First off I have heard over the years so many people using this special name in negative way’s which now it has lost its true meaning and definition. When I was a kid to hear someone call me A Special Needs Child started hurting my ability to successfully complete my classes,  because it became a label and an ugly thing. The other children used it to make fun and to harm, all because my fifth grade teacher who my mom even hated allowed the other students to tease me.  This teacher degraded me until I believed I was the worst and most ignorant child in her class. I never got in trouble until I got into fifth grade, but not because I was bad it was my teacher that was bad. I was grateful to get out and start six grade. I never had another teacher like her again (thank God). I started doing better in school after I got out of her class too. My mom told me never stay silent if someone is being a bully doesn’t matter if its your teacher or your family members. I have rights.

      One teacher changed my view’s on school and who I could trust. She taught me not all people mean well nor are they trust worthy. Though there are people I can trust like my mom, dad, friend’s, and myself. I didn’t allow her to kill my self worth, instead I used her negative teaching’s for good and personal growth. I also learned that there are good teacher’s and bad. Same with people there are good and bad. It’s sad but very true.

© By Amanda D Shelton