I dance in a translucent dream,
skipping out on reality.

My heart shape mechanical life,
cloud’s a line for me
as your light fights to fade out on me.

I feel alive,
I feel life’s vibes
with string’s that grind on me.

The star’s watch as we go about
living, moving to the dance,
a never ending vibration
of existence.

We sour like bird’s,
From the skies above
We morph into breathing thing’s
feeding from life’s bosom.

We flower into arrangements for
life’s engagements.

Only to fade like all the rest,
left in the dirt six feet from your breathing blossom of life’s journey.

My path meet yours so long ago,
My spirit longs to be there amongst your tree’s.
I once stood where it was green and lush, the season’s blushed for me.

I a flower, now am nothing but perfumed dust.

© By Amanda D Shelton