Never Make A Deal With A Devil In Blue

Stuck in a limbo here we go again.
Me and my woes here we go
toe to toe.
I played a vicious part
I broke an unfair shared my heart
with woe, woe, woe,
I’m about to blow
so if you come around
I should let you know,
I’ll tear you up leave you in two
dealing you your piece’s.

Go ahead, walk it off
if you know what’s good for you.
My woes know what to do.

I’m no good at playing the part,
This heart ain’t built on sand so
give it a chance.
‘Cause I’m woe, I’m woe, I’m falling apart with my woes in hand.

Give love a chance,
I’ll bet you loos to,
Fall away, fall hard too
‘Cause I’m woe, I’m woe over you.

I’m a love stealer,
a dealer of hearts.
I play the card’s,
lower than low, here I go.

Pick a card and deal me your heart
like a repo,
or if you choose right
I’m a redeemer of broken heart’s.

Low, low oh how low will you go?
I’m a stealer of heart’s.

You dug yourself into a shallow grave,
A pretty little mess that you made for yourself.

I’m about to show my ace in the whole,
For the time you’re gonna lose
By the time I’ve got the deal,
I’ll tear you up and pass around the piece’s.
Go ahead, take a walk,
if you know what’s good for you.

Don’t make a deal with a devil in blue,
She’ll give you nothing but
woe for two.

She bootleg your emotions
Bottled up your explosions
Intoxicated your meanings
leaving you bleeding.

Learning the truth
She’s your worse sin
She’s left you reeling,
feeling bitter for the lose of your heart.

Never make a deal with a devil in blue,
She loves eating leftover’s from past love affairs and makes it trendy
for everyone but you.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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