Beginning Of Us

Star dust,
bursts of energy,
forming us.

Bang the gun’s went off
with boom’s like no other you ever heard.

To say our beginning was simple,
is to say the star’s are easily made.

It takes longer than a day to build
a suitcase full of life and people.

Is that all we are?
Leftover star dust,
beaten and torn between existence
and our Creator?

His mind molded us formed us into
existence with just one word.

Light beamed forth from his voice,
demanding life to breathe and grow.

No I am more than just that,
I have a beginning and an end,
a unique universe within this shelter of skin.

I am change within change,
a breathing being amongst vibrating string’s. 

My Creator created me to be unique and intelligence is my resume my forte,
My gift from he who molded me.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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