My Artwork & Recent Projects

Hello Bat Brats,

It’s been awhile since I shared updates with you. I’ve been working on a few things that I find interesting and worthy to share. I started working with Adobe Photoshop. I am very excited because I’ve been wanting to try photoshop for awhile now. I knew that it would be awesome and it is. In this post I will share samples and other tidbits of my new work. 🙂 There will be more coming soon.

Butterfly Button

            Most of my work is done in layers and using masking. It gives my work a Gothic effect and a grungy feel. The butterflies were done by going into Google images and me drawing what I see, I use brushes that give a certain stroke and an effect like fur, paper, or even smoke. I loved working with the butterflies the most, it was fun looking for ways to make them look old and tattered. I even gave some of my work watermarks (FrogyArt) and the year. I am trying new ways to make a wooden effect too, I found it fun learning new techniques and how to make grain for the wooden effect.     Grunge Butterfly Paper Grunge Stripes Background Old Grunge Butterfly Paper

Burnt Wood Texture

© By Amanda D Shelton


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