Knowledge & Reality

This post is about knowledge and reality through my experiences.

My knowledge is like walking through a dream where there is a library and the information is vast within that library. I have a thought. I have lucid dreams every time I dream, its very rare for me to dream, maybe my dreams is a way my mind communicates with me. I am not sure.

You want knowledge? Then you need to let go of what you think is possible and train yourself to be more aware of reality. Understand that nothing is what it seems and your brain is built to deal with reality by taking your senses out of reality. Though this doesn’t mean you’re reality isn’t real, because your brain believes it is real. Each of us experience reality differently this makes reality well in my opinion a theory and a unique experience. I also think that when we are awake are brain is really asleep and when we dream our brain wakes and our brains try handling the information by giving us a dream like experience. I have learned most of my knowledge through dreams. I never told anyone but my mother about my dreams. Sometimes I have dreams of the day before it happens almost like I am reliving my dream and I can’t stop it or change it. It use to creep me out now I just let it happen when it does.

“I dream of knowledge that sits in cloud’s that float in my mind.”

by Amanda D Shelton

This post was my thoughts nothing more, you can do what you want with it. I am just being open with my reader’s.


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