To My Readers <3

Blogging started for me, as a social experiment. I wanted to test myself, on how much I am willing to share without judging it myself first. I have found that over the years my posting has grew as well as my following. I found people who like me because I am honest and open. Some like my way of explaining details others comment with compliments and praise. I don’t see myself as a great or even a good writer, so their praise helps my self-esteem to grow and so does my writing. I want to thank you all for coming to my blog, for your sharing and your praise. You are helping me to become a better writer.

This blog is not just for myself, its for you. Plus what kind of poet would I be if I didn’t give to my reader’s the same love I give to my writing?  As my mother use to say. Peace Out! 🙂


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