Vanity Of The Vampire

Vampire’s Love Poetic’s

Vanity Of The Vampire

Never an image shown
in the reflection of a vampire’s soul.

The Vampire’s vanity
is not vanity of image,
but is vanity of their soul.

A shadow creeps,
as the door creeks open,
a misty form approaches,
as screams echo in the night air.

Soon all is bear,
silence is in the air,
the shadow has left
bloody footprints on the floor.

Screeching sounds coming from the windowpane,
a bat banging at the windows latus,
scratching to let it.

Vampires know nothing of human living,
nor our food,
our morals,
and believes,
They know only of blood,
and bedding.

Bloody vampire’s love their sway,
their food,
and hates the heat of the sunny day’s.

Vampire’s Love Poetic’s  © By Amanda D Shelton



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